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Theatre as Community Catalyst: Newport, Wales

A powerful, evidence-based play combining mime and storytelling designed for non-cognitive impact, applied as a catalyst for individual empowerment and community mobilisation in a poor neighbourhood of Newport, Wales.

In the course of 3 weeks the process gave birth to a peer education project with older youth, 3 separate community film projects, and networks and friendships across pre-existing barriers. Several individuals referred to profound and lasting personal impact.

These processes were sustained well after the end of the intervention

Suicide Prevention Through Resilience Education: Nuuk, Greenland

A 2 year, peer-education programme in the suicide capital of the world. Combining an academic literature review with in-depth action research and co-design with Greenlandic/Inuit young people, teachers, elders and agencies, together we developed a wide ranging resilience intervention.

This included a peer education programme outside school, in-school workshops and resilience classes delivered by trained youth facilitators, and media campaigns. The impact was wide ranging and deep, and earned praise from the President of Greenland.

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